How to Pronounce adieu?

Correct pronunciation for the word "adieu" is [ɐdjˈuː], [ɐdjˈuː], [ɐ_d_j_ˈuː].

"Adieu" in context

Adieu is a French expression which translates to "goodbye" in English. In the language of France, adieu is a formal way to bid farewell to someone and can be used in both written and spoken contexts.

The term is thought to derive from the Latin phrase "ad Deo", and was later adopted into Old French as "a Dieu". Many languages, such as Spanish, German, and Italian, have adopted similar terms to express a permanent departure.

When used in a friendship setting, adieu can be seen as a slightly more intimate end to a conversation, whether it is over the phone or in direct conversation.


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