How to Pronounce award?

Correct pronunciation for the word "award" is [ɐwˈɔːd], [ɐwˈɔːd], [ɐ_w_ˈɔː_d].

"Award" in context

An award is something given to one person or a group of people as recognition for their achievements, and can take the form of a trophy, medal, certificate, cash prize, or other symbol of excellence. Awards can be given for a wide range of accomplishments, including excellence in academics, sports, charity work, professional skills, or community service. Receiving an award is typically seen as a great honor, and encourages people to continue pushing themselves to do more and achieve great things. Awards also demonstrate how hard work and dedication can be rewarded, and inspires others to aim for the same standards.

What are similar-sounding words for award?


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