How to Pronounce das?

Correct pronunciation for the word "das" is [dˈas], [dˈas], [d_ˈa_s].

What are the misspellings for das?

  • dras,
  • sdas,
  • ddas,
  • dzas,
  • xdas,
  • dcas,
  • cdas,
  • dqs,
  • da3,
  • dws,
  • d as,
  • dqas,
  • dxas,
  • dsas,
  • daqs,
  • dazs,
  • dzs,
  • dasw,
  • da s,
  • dasz,
  • edas,
  • dasx,
  • xas,
  • daxs,
  • dass

"Das" in context

Das is a German word that has many uses and meanings. It is primarily a demonstrative pronoun, as in "this" or "that" in English. It can also be used as an indefinite article, similar to the usage of "a" and "an" in English. The pronunciation of das is the same for all gender and cases, and there are no neuter forms. When used as an article, das is always preceded by a noun. It is also used as a relative pronoun with "welch" and "was" in some cases.

What are similar-sounding words for das?


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