How to Pronounce fao?

Correct pronunciation for the word "fao" is [fˈa͡ʊ], [fˈa‍ʊ], [f_ˈaʊ].

What are the misspellings for fao?

  • faso,
  • fqo,
  • gfao,
  • faoo,
  • rfao,
  • fvao,
  • ftao,
  • fdao,
  • fa o,
  • fazo,
  • fqao,
  • faao,
  • fso,
  • fwo,
  • fgao,
  • cfao,
  • faok,
  • fa0o,
  • vfao,
  • ffao,
  • fao0,
  • fako,
  • frao,
  • faqo,
  • faoi,
  • fsao,
  • fao9,
  • faop,
  • fawo,
  • dfao,
  • fa9,
  • rao,
  • fwao,
  • tfao,
  • f ao,
  • fanwor t,
  • fa9o,
  • fzao,
  • fcao,
  • fzo,
  • fa0

"Fao" in context

The Food and Agriculture Organization (fao) is a United Nations organization established in 1945 to improve and protect food security throughout the world. It is the leading international organization working to end hunger, reduce poverty, and increase food security. The FAO works in partnership with governments, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders to develop and coordinate policies, strategies, projects and actions to ensure everyone has reliable access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food.

FAO focuses its efforts around three main objectives: Sustainable Food and Agriculture, Research and Development and Partnerships for Change.

What are similar-sounding words for fao?


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