How to Pronounce fishy?

Correct pronunciation for the word "fishy" is [fˈɪʃi], [fˈɪʃi], [f_ˈɪ_ʃ_i].

"Fishy" in context

Fishy, an adjective often associated with something that one suspects is dishonest or ironic, can also be used to describe an unusual smell or taste, usually referring to seafood. Fishy is usually used to describe situations or things in a negative manner, though not always. It can be used to refer to something unexpectedly strange or amusing. For example, a situation deemed "fishy" could be one involving a strange set of circumstances that leave the onlooker suspicious.

In terms of food, fishy usually refers to the taste or smell of fish. It may indicate that the fish is not fresh or that odd flavors have been incorporated.


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