How to Pronounce ghoul?

Correct pronunciation for the word "ghoul" is [ɡˈuːl], [ɡˈuːl], [ɡ_ˈuː_l].

"Ghoul" in context

A ghoul is an evil spirit or demon that preys on human flesh. It is said to seek out and live in human corpses, or roam in burial grounds and other deserted places. In folklore, it is typically associated with graveyards and is described as a fearsome-looking creature with sharp claws and teeth, or a strange humanoid with a hunchbacked posture.

Ghouls are often regarded as robbers of graves, or associated with grave robbers, who would dismember the bodies of the deceased. In some traditions, they are believed to attack travelers in lonely places, as well as seeking to dismember corpses for sustenance.

What are similar-sounding words for ghoul?


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