How to Pronounce goethals?

Correct pronunciation for the word "goethals" is [ɡˈə͡ʊθə͡lz], [ɡˈə‍ʊθə‍lz], [ɡ_ˈəʊ_θ_əl_z].

What are the misspellings for goethals?

"Goethals" in context

The goethals Bridge is a major transportation route connecting New York City and New Jersey. It is named after George Washington Goethals, who was the chief engineer during the construction of the Panama Canal, the famous interoceanic waterway. The bridge is 1.5 miles long and up to 138 feet high in some locations, making it an impressive sight. The upper level of the Goethals Bridge is a toll bridge for motor vehicles, and the lower level is for rail traffic. Constructed in 1928 and opened in 1931, it is one of the five New York Metropolitan Area bridges that cross the Arthur Kill.


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