How to Pronounce het?

Correct pronunciation for the word "het" is [hˈɛt], [hˈɛt], [h_ˈɛ_t].

What are the misspellings for het?

  • nhet,
  • hetg,
  • h3t,
  • he t,
  • het6,
  • hgt,
  • hdet,
  • heu,
  • he5t,
  • hhet,
  • h et,
  • uhet,
  • yhet,
  • he6,
  • hret,
  • xet,
  • jhet,
  • h4et,
  • h4t,
  • he6t,
  • het5,
  • h3et,
  • he4t,
  • he3t,
  • hwet,
  • heyt,
  • hyet,
  • he5,
  • hnet,
  • hset

"Het" in context

Het is a gender-neutral pronoun used to refer to someone without specifying their gender. It has been gaining increasing popularity in recent years as a growing number of countries adopt gender-inclusive language policies. Het can be used in place of pronouns like "he" or "she", as well as words like "boy" and "girl".

The pronoun has its origins in the Dutch language, where it was first used as part of an effort to create a gender-neutral pronoun.

What are similar-sounding words for het?


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