How to Pronounce Horsed?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Horsed" is [hˈɔːsd], [hˈɔːsd], [h_ˈɔː_s_d].

"Horsed" in context

Horses are a powerful and majestic animal. They are as strong as they are beautiful, and have been companions and friends to humans for centuries. In the past, horses were used to pull plows, carry supplies, and transport people in wagons and carriages. Today, they are primarily kept as recreational and show animals. As such, they require a great deal of care, attention, and training to ensure they remain healthy, safe, and well-behaved.

Horses need a nutritious diet, including hay, grain, and fresh veggies, as well as vitamins, supplements, and minerals for their continued wellbeing.

What are similar-sounding words for Horsed?


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