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How to Pronounce lay?

Correct pronunciation for the word "lay" is [lˈe͡ɪ], [lˈe‍ɪ], [l_ˈeɪ].

Definition of lay

  1. That which is laid; a layer; the direction in which the strands of a rope are twisted; share of profit.
  2. A narrative poem.
  3. To bring forth or produce eggs; to contrive; to wager. To lay about, to strike or throw the arms on all sides; to act with vigour. To lay at, to strike, or endeavour to strike. To lay in for, to make overtures for; to engage or secure the possession of. To lay on, to strike; to beat; to deal blows with vehemence; to act with vehemence. To lay out, to purpose; to intend; to take measures.
  4. Pertaining to the laity, as distinct from the clergy; not clerical; unprofessional.
  5. A meadow; a lea.
  6. To lay a wager; to bet.
  7. To put or place; to beat down; to settle, as dust; to place in order; to spread on a surface; to calm; to appease; to spread and set in order; to wager; to bring forth; to impose; to charge; to enjoin; to present; to set; to contrive; to prefer. To lay a cable, to twiat or unite the strands. To lay apart, to put away. To lay aside, to put off or away; to discontinue. To lay away, to put aside for preservation. To lay before, to exhibit. To lay by, to reserve for future use. To lay down, to deposit; to resign; to relinquish; to offer or advance. To lay one's self down, to commit to repose. To lay hold of, to seize; to catch. To lay in, to store; to treasure. To lay on, to apply with force; to inflict. To lay open, to make bare; to uncovor. To lay over, to spread over; to incrust. To lay out, to expend; to plan; to dispose in order; to dress in grave-clothes, and place in a decent posture. To lay to, to charge upon; to impute; to apply with vigour; to check the motion of a ship. To lay together, to collect; to bring to one place. To lay to heart, to permit to affect greatly. To lay under, to subject to. To lay up, to store; to board; to confine to bed; to dismantle and place in dock. To lay siege, to besiege. To lay the course, to sail toward the port intended without tacking. To lay waste, to destroy; to desolate. To lay the land, to cause the land to appear to sink, by sailing from it.

Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language By Nuttall, P.Austin

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