How to Pronounce lcd?

Correct pronunciation for the word "lcd" is [ˌɛlsˌiːdˈiː], [ˌɛlsˌiːdˈiː], [ˌɛ_l_s_ˌiː_d_ˈiː].

What are the misspellings for lcd?

"Lcd" in context

Lcd stands for "Liquid Crystal Display", and is a type of flat-panel display technology used in many electronic devices. LCDs are composed of several layers of thin plastic films and liquid crystals, with polarizing and color filters on the panels. By controlling the current flow, each pixel can display different colors.

Due to low cost, low power consumption, less space required and wide viewing angle, LCDs are widely used in televisions, computer monitors, phones, and various other electronic products. Additionally, LCDs can produce clear images, even in bright light, which makes them suitable for outdoor displays.

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