How to Pronounce lir?

Correct pronunciation for the word "lir" is [lˈɜː], [lˈɜː], [l_ˈɜː].

What are the misspellings for lir?

  • l8r,
  • li4r,
  • ljir,
  • lir5,
  • liur,
  • olir,
  • liquoric e,
  • lyr,
  • li2,
  • ilr,
  • litr,
  • li5r,
  • l9r,
  • lkir,
  • l ir,
  • lhr,
  • lir4,
  • l8ir,
  • lpir,
  • li8r,
  • llir,
  • li9r,
  • l9ir,
  • lijr,
  • li r,
  • klir,
  • li5,
  • plir,
  • ljr

"Lir" in context

Lir is an ancient Irish god, who is related to the sea, and is the patron of poets and their muses. He was a great warrior, and his attributes included strength, intuition, and the ability to shape-shift. Lir was revered across the Irish cultural landscape, and held great influence over politics and literature, being a symbol of protection for his people.

Lir is commonly depicted as an ancient, powerful king or a warrior with a magical cloak. He is linked to the power of music, art, poetry and inspiration. He is believed to possess the power to heal and operate on a spiritual level.

What are similar-sounding words for lir?


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