Correct spelling for 5TIMES

We think the word 5times is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for 5times

  • time What time they go?
  • timed The pamphlet appeared under the patronage of Lucien Bonaparte, and so annoyed his brother that he soon despatched him on a diplomatic mission to Madrid as a punishment for his ill-timed suggestions.
  • timer To his fellow travelers the young man on the road is just about as green as they make them, but the rapid way in which he catches on and becomes an old-timer, is a caution.
  • times A hundred times did Holtspur ask the question.
  • tums
  • ties It often wrinkles up his face, and ties hard knots in the wrinkled lines.
  • Tomas
  • limes Violet lay back in her chair, gazing straight up through the limes at the flawless August sky.
  • mimes Two or three baths daily, their tables supplied with the dainties of all lands and seas, all their dishes of gold, nothing but Median garments, spectacles, games in the Circus, the chase,-but with the least possible exertion,-dancers, mimes, musicians, outdoor pleasures in beautifully kept groves of the finest fruit-trees, daily revels, daily drinking bouts, and the most unbridled enjoyment of every description.
  • tires
  • dims The very glow of pursuit heightens your fervor,-a fervor that dims sadly the new-wakened memories of home.
  • tomes
  • tames That to know, in the series of mental phenomena, what are the antecedents, and what their consequents, is one great branch of the Philosophy of Mind, I surely need not attempt to demonstrate; and it would be equally superfluous to demonstrate its importance, especially after the remarks-if even these were necessary,-which I made in a former Lecture; since it is not merely, as a very interesting branch of speculative knowledge, that it is valuable, but, as I then showed, still more valuable, as the foundation of every intellectual art, especially of those noble and almost divine arts, which have, for their immediate object, the illumination and amendment of mankind-the art of training ignorance to wisdom, and even wisdom itself to knowledge still more sublime,-of fixing youthful innocence in the voluntary practice of virtue, that is as yet little more than an instinct of which it is scarcely conscious,-of breathing that moral inspiration, which strengthens feeble goodness, when it is about to fall, tames even the wildest excesses of the wildest passions, and leads back, as if by the invisible power of some guardian spirit, even Guilt itself, to the happiness which it had lost, and the holier wishes, which it rejoices to feel once more.
  • timers Old-timers, whose wits had been sharpened by long life in the open, had all the autumn been making ominous predictions.
  • dames You skin the white dames around this village.
  • TAMS Additionally it has been shown that adipose tissue surrounding certain tumors or metastases to the lymph nodes, which are embedded in adipose tissue, fuels tumor growth by serving as a depot for adipose tissue macrophages that stumulate angiogenesis and resemble TAMs.
  • TOMS
  • DOMES Four square pillars support the roof, which is divided into five equal "half-orange" domes, each different from the others and each equally fascinating in its unexpected simplicity and grace.
  • TIDES Dream-like the waters of the river gleam; A sailless vessel drops adown the stream, And like it, to a sea as wide and deep, Thou driftest gently down the tides of sleep.
  • DIMES There was a great rattling as the pennies, dimes and nickels in the tin boxes clattered against the sides.
  • tiles Master Tenzer has been used to better stoves, but I am contented if the tiles do not fall upon our heads."
  • tines
  • rimes My earliest recollection of this young woman dates back twenty-and-I-won't-say-how-many-more years, at which time she entertained our neighbourhood by reciting nursery rimes-"Twinka, twinka, yitty tar," and all the rest of that stuff.
  • tamers This should go a long way toward solving the problems of lion tamers.

34 words made from the letters 5times

4 letter words made from 5times:

5 letter words made from 5times:

3 letter words made from 5times:

mes, est, sit, ism, mis, mei, stm, esm, sm5, mit, mi5, se5, set, ies, mst, tie, m5s.

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