How to spell MENUE correctly?

We think the word menue is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell menue correctly

  • ene In France, solar energy is the most popular form of energy.
  • gene The gene responsible for eye color is located on chromosome 15.
  • maine Maine is known for its picturesque coastline and delicious seafood.
  • man
  • mane Her long mane of hair was a beautiful masterpiece.
  • mange The poor dog had developed serious mange and needed immediate medical attention.
  • Mani I always feel better when I remove my Mani.
  • mann Just as he was getting ready to leave, his roommate showed up with a mann.
  • manner The manner in which you handled the situation was unacceptable.
  • manque I have a manque paint color.
  • manse Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol at his family's former manse.
  • Manuel Manuel is a talented musician who has released several albums.
  • manure Pineapple manure is used to fertilize gardens.
  • many
  • Marne Paris is in Marne.
  • mean It is mean to tease others about their personal appearance.
  • meaner The meaner he gets, the less people want to be around him.
  • meanie Don't be a meanie and share the toys with your sister.
  • meany I don't want to play with him anymore, he's always a meany.
  • meme A meme is a humorous image, video, or piece of text that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by internet users.
  • men
  • menace The poisonous snake slithering through the grass was a menace to everyone in the vicinity.
  • menage A menage a trois is a erotic bedroom scene in which three people simultaneously have sex.
  • mend
  • mender The mender skillfully repaired the tear in my shirt.
  • Menes The early Egyptians credited Menes with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.
  • mensa
  • menu
  • menus The restaurants have different menus.
  • mere I don't believe that this is mere coincidence.
  • Mete The coach will mete out harsh punishment to the players who break the team's rules.
  • meuse The Meuse River flows through several countries including France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
  • mien Her mien was confident and authoritative, commanding respect from those around her.
  • min I only have ten minutes left before the minivan leaves.
  • mince She proceeded to mince the garlic for the recipe.
  • mine They found a mine on the property.
  • miner She is a miner for a coal mine.
  • ming
  • mini I ordered a mini dessert because I didn't want to eat something too big.
  • MINN
  • Minnie Billy loved Minnie Mouse.
  • minuet The minuet is a ballroom dance that originated in Sixteenth Century France.
  • minus I lost my minus $10.
  • minute I need to change my clothes, then I can go out for a minute.
  • mn I have a few mnemonic devices to help me remember your name.
  • mon Mon dieu, cette nourriture est delicieuse!
  • mona I have a mona pie waiting for you in the oven.
  • money I need to save more money in order to take a vacation next year.
  • mono I can't eat just one piece of cheese toast.
  • monte I haven't played monte in years, but I used to love that game.
  • moue She made a displeased moue after tasting the overcooked vegetables.
  • Mun
  • myna They are noisy birds that can be difficult to control.
  • Rene He often wore a beret and had a goatee; he looked like a Rene from a Roy Rogers movie.
  • venue The venue is buzzing with excitement.

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