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How to spell YHEAR correctly?

If you typed "yhear" instead of "year", fear not! Auto-correct can occasionally go astray. The correct suggestion for your misspelling would indeed be "year", the commonly used unit of time. Simply fix the typo and you're all set!

List of suggestions on how to spell yhear correctly

  • bear
  • char The smell of char from the burnt toast filled the entire kitchen.
  • dear My dear wife, I hope this letter finds you well.
  • ear
  • fear I was so close to getting out, but now I am living in fear that he will find me.
  • gear I need to shift down a gear to climb this hill on my bike.
  • head I took my head out of the water.
  • heal I hope that the medicine he takes will heal his sore throat.
  • heap I accidentally knocked over the stack of papers and created a heap on the floor.
  • hear
  • heard
  • hears The dog hears a squirrel in the tree.
  • heart
  • heat The heat of the sun warmed his skin after being in the cold water.
  • heir The king's eldest son was his heir and would inherit the throne.
  • Her Her kindness and generosity are appreciated by all who know her.
  • herr Please keep your voice down, as there are herr's in the area.
  • lear
  • near
  • pear
  • rear The driver stopped abruptly, causing the car behind him to crash into his rear.
  • rehear The dancers asked the choreographer to rehear the routine one more time before the performance.
  • rhea The rhea was awkwardly trying to peck its way through the dense underbrush.
  • sear The sear was out looking for food.
  • Shea After getting Shea Manus' autograph, I knew I had to get his jersey.
  • shear The farmer used a shear to trim the wool from the sheep.
  • tear She felt a tear roll down her cheek as she watched the sad scene unfold.
  • Thar
  • thea I have a thea dress I would love to show you.
  • wear I wear a lot of makeup to cover up my blemishes.
  • yea Do you want to come to my party? Yea, I'd love to!
  • yeah " Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend!
  • year
  • Yer Yer don't have ta spell it out for me.

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