How to Pronounce dear?

Correct pronunciation for the word "dear" is [dˈi͡ə], [dˈi‍ə], [d_ˈiə].

What are the misspellings for dear?

"Dear" in context

Dear is such a powerful word. It has the ability to bring warmth and comfort to someone's heart. It expresses endearment, love, and care for another person. It can also be used to express sincerity and gratitude, a way to thank someone for their kindness or even forgiveness. Dear can show love and understanding from one person to another, and can be used to express a range of emotions from joy and hope to grief and sorrow.

Dear is often used in everyday speech and is the first word of a lot of letters and emails. It is used in greetings and formal communication, usually as a mark of respect when addressing someone.

What are similar-sounding words for dear?


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