How to Pronounce naif?

Correct pronunciation for the word "naif" is [na͡ɪˈiːf], [na‍ɪˈiːf], [n_aɪ_ˈiː_f].

"Naif" in context

Naïf is a term used to describe a style of painting that is unsophisticated, naïve and often with a child-like quality. The term itself originates from the 19th century French expression "naïf primitif" which means primitive naïve. The style of painting originated in the rural parts of central Europe and France, and is still popular today among many modern artists.

The artwork often portrays a simplified version of the natural world, often with out of proportion or distorted elements. This gives the art a whimsical quality, lacking any innovative or abstract shapes.

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