How to Pronounce painter?

Correct pronunciation for the word "painter" is [pˈe͡ɪntə], [pˈe‍ɪntə], [p_ˈeɪ_n_t_ə].

"Painter" in context

A painter is a person who creates art by applying paint or other pigments to a canvas. Painters use a variety of tools to create their works of art, such as paint brushes, palette knives, sponges, and other implements. Painters create art on a variety of surfaces, including canvas, wood, metal, and paper. The painter uses these tools to create a variety of designs and textures on the surface, transforming it into a work of art. Paintings can be of any genre, from landscapes and cityscapes to abstract and modern art.

Painting is an art that requires a great focus and patience.

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