How to Pronounce PPM?

Correct pronunciation for the word "PPM" is [pˌiːpˌiːˈɛm], [pˌiːpˌiːˈɛm], [p_ˌiː_p_ˌiː__ˈɛ_m].

What are the misspellings for PPM?

"PPM" in context

PPM stands for Project Portfolio Management and is a method of analysing performance within large-scale projects or initiatives. This kind of management allows organisations to evaluate the most pressing projects and to allocate time and resources to those projected to yield the highest ROI. It helps organisations to maintain a portfolio of projects that are effectively managed and organised to ensure the best outcomes.

Using data-driven metrics and performance scores, PPM helps organisations identify and manage capacity with greater accuracy and efficiency. This enables in-depth decision making when it comes to resource allocation, project prioritisation and performance predictive analysis.


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