How to Pronounce QT?

Correct pronunciation for the word "QT" is [kjˌuːtˈiː], [kjˌuːtˈiː], [k_j_ˌuː_t_ˈiː].

"QT" in context

QT is a cross-platform application development framework used to create applications with a graphical user interface (GUI). It is primarily used in the development of software applications for desktop, embedded and mobile platforms. QT supports a variety of languages including C++, Python, Java, JavaScript and HTML5. It provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for developers as well as a comprehensive set of APIs for increased productivity.

QT is based on a modular design, allowing developers to choose the modules that best suit their needs. It also showcases a set of QT Quick Components that allow developers to quickly create applications with a modern look, feel and functionality.

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