How to Pronounce quoin?

Correct pronunciation for the word "quoin" is [kwˈɔ͡ɪn], [kwˈɔ‍ɪn], [k_w_ˈɔɪ_n].

"Quoin" in context

Quoin is an architectural element that is used as a decorative block or voussoir at the corner of a building. The term is derived from the French word for corner, coin. It serves both an aestetic function and structural purpose - providing stability and supporting the wall. Quoins are found on many buildings throughout the world, from ancient Greek temples to contemporary homes. Quoins are often made from stone, brick, or wood and can be plain or ornamental. Ornamental quoins may feature carvings or molds that are used to create decorative effects and accentuate the building's design.

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