How to Pronounce tiers?

Correct pronunciation for the word "tiers" is [tˈi͡əz], [tˈi‍əz], [t_ˈiə_z].

"Tiers" in context

Tiers are levels within organizational structures that help to differentiate levels of responsibilities and access to resources. Tiers can help to illustrate different levels of management, from senior executives down to front-line staff. They can help differentiate performance and compensation levels, as well as rights and privileges. Tiers can be used in many different contexts, from business to healthcare to education. For example, in a business organization, there might be tiers of senior management, middle-management, and front-line staff. In healthcare, tiers can denote different levels of care and access to different treatments. In education, tiers may be used to differentiate between different grades and year levels.


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