How to Pronounce TOTO?

Correct pronunciation for the word "TOTO" is [tˈə͡ʊtə͡ʊ], [tˈə‍ʊtə‍ʊ], [t_ˈəʊ_t_əʊ].

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"TOTO" in context

TOTO is a Japanese electronics manufacturing company. Founded in 1917, it has grown to become the world's leading supplier of Smart Toilets and sanitation products. Its products combine the latest technology with modern design and improve upon existing bathroom design by maximizing the limited space available in the bathroom. Its products are available around the world in over 79 countries and its headquarters are located in Kitakyushu, Japan.

TOTO's Smart Toilets provide users with an experience that is both efficient and comfortable. The Washlet series has integrated air-dryers and heated seats, making every bathroom experience a luxurious one.

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