How To Spell afford?

Correct spelling: afford

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What are the rhymes for afford?

  1. stored, ford, verwoerd, lord, fjord, hoard, poured, ord, record, sword, horde, reward, oared, toward, board, snored, shored, cord, scored, chord, implored, soard, gored, ignored, reboard, soared, warred, deplored, forde, explored, mord, outscored, ward, restored, nord, warde, pored, bored, roared, floored, cored, gourd;
  2. acord, adored, accord, abhorred, aboard, award;
  3. untoward, unexplored, underscored, prerecord;

What are the translations for afford?

Afrikaans word for Afford


Arabic word for Afford

قادِرٌ عَلَى دَفْعِ الـمال.

Bengali word for Afford


Chinese word for Afford


French words for Afford

fournir, assumer, permettre, se permettre, se payer, avoir les moyens de.

German words for Afford

bieten, bewilligen, aufbringen, gestatten, sich leisten, erschwingen, sich leisten können, sich erlauben, leisten (sich).

Greek word for Afford

έχω τα μέσα.

Hindi word for Afford


Italian word for Afford


Japanese word for Afford


Javanese word for Afford


Korean word for Afford

...할 여유가 있다.

Malay word for Afford


Marathi word for Afford


Norwegian words for Afford

pågår, ha råd til.

Polish word for Afford

pozwolić sobie (na coś).

Portuguese words for Afford

fornecer, arcar, permitir-se, custear, bancar, dar-se o luxo de, poder custear.

Romanian word for Afford

a-și permite.

Russian words for Afford

позволить себе, быть по карману, иметь возможность.

Spanish words for Afford

dar, proporcionar, sufragar, permitirse, darse el lujo de, sustentar, costearse, pagarse, poder permitirse.

Swedish word for Afford

ha råd med.

Tamil word for Afford


Turkish word for Afford

parası yetmek.

Ukrainian word for Afford

дозволяти собі.

Vietnamese word for Afford

đủ khả năng.