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Definitions of inflict

  1. To cause by, or as if by, striking; cause to be suffered; impose as a punishment. The Winston Simplified Dictionary. By William Dodge Lewis, Edgar Arthur Singer. Published 1919.
  2. To lay on: to impose, as punishment. The american dictionary of the english language. By Daniel Lyons. Published 1899.
  3. To lay on; impose. The Concise Standard Dictionary of the English Language. By James Champlin Fernald. Published 1919.
  4. impose something unpleasant; "The principal visited his rage on the students" Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  5. To lay on; to apply, as punishment or disgrace. Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language. By Nuttall, P.Austin. Published 1914.
  6. To lay on; to impose, as a punishment or disgrace. Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

Usage examples for inflict

  1. It were useless in a tale like this to inflict details on our readers. – The Settler and the Savage by R.M. Ballantyne
  2. Oh, do not make me perish by tortures more cruel than the executioner could inflict Silence! – Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas