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Spell Check of frieze

Correct spelling: frieze

Common misspellings for frieze:

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Rhymes for frieze:

  1. sleaze, freeze, neese, please, pleas, deis, leas, jeez, pease, feese, reas, squeeze, sees, neas, dees, keas, trees, sneeze, geez, reis, preis, neis, vees, keys, sies, beas, threes, peas, kees, seas, gies, tees, rees, saez, skis, cees, frees, seize, these, bes, nees, deas, ease, knees, she's, mees, bees, fleas, sprees, breese, teas, tease, z's, flees, cheese, fees, crees, mease, glees, breeze, friese, keyes, meis, liese, lees, wheeze, hees;
  2. chemise, aziz, ortiz, trainees, agrees, decrees, trapeze, displease, unease, maltese, scorsese, belize, cds, lessees, trustees, appease, burmese, louise, andries, chinese, foresees, pawnees, cadiz, reprise, degrees, jaycees, rupees, draftees, disease;
  3. javanese, sudanese, japanese, annamese, retirees, designees, detainees, taiwanese, absentees, conferees, enrollees, disagrees, guaranties, enlistees, escapees, nominees, timorese, honorees, overseas, devotees, appointees, referees, internees, balinese, amputees, ccs, siamese, franchisees, cantonese, guarantees, expertise, journalese, returnees, licensees, sinhalese, nepalese, inductees;
  4. abts, interviewees, stds, indochinese;