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How To Spell frieze?

Correct spelling: frieze

List of misspellings for frieze:

  • friear,
  • firenze,
  • froce,
  • freezen,
  • fraizer,
  • frtiz,
  • freigh,
  • frine,
  • frazer,
  • frissbe,
  • frienzy,
  • furiouse,
  • freenzy,
  • frozze,
  • frizer,
  • frysbee,
  • frezzy,
  • fribsee,
  • friers,
  • frieb,
  • freez,
  • freire,
  • frienze,
  • frezbe,
  • fariview,
  • friece,
  • freezy,
  • freaze,
  • frooze,
  • friez,
  • forieners,
  • freeeze,
  • fiece,
  • frezie,
  • greeze,
  • ferice,
  • frree,
  • frisbe,
  • frizbe,
  • frezzer,
  • frezer,
  • frezee,
  • freser,
  • fethureze,
  • frisay,
  • frice,
  • freezor,
  • frierce,
  • frese,
  • firepace,
  • frezz,
  • firelace,
  • foriegh,
  • ferece,
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  • freebe,
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  • friens,
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  • griece,
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  • forience,
  • freaz,
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  • frozeen,
  • freerer,
  • frissbee,
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  • frezes,
  • frezzed,
  • friese,
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  • frisbie,
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  • frien,
  • frezeer,
  • forece,
  • freezed.

Related words for frieze

Arkley Frieze


American Politician

Arkley W. Frieze was an American politician from Carthage, Missouri, who served in the Missouri Senate. In 1948, he was elected city attorney for Carthage, Missouri. He was previously elected to be prosecuting attorney of Dade County, Missouri.

Deep Frieze


Album by SleepResearch_Facility

Deep_Frieze is the fourth album by dark ambient artist SleepResearch Facility.

Henry F. Vaughan



Henry Frieze Vaughan was an American epidemiologist with a strong discipline in environmental health, an academic professor, and an administrator.

Irene Hanson Frieze


Irene Hanson Frieze is the Emeritus Professor of Psychology, and Women's Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. She is especially well known for pioneering work in establishing the field of women's studies, for her research on intimate partner violence in marriage and dating relationships, and for cross-cultural studies of attitudes about work and gender roles, and migration.

Stoclet Frieze


Depiction by Gustav Klimt

The Stoclet Frieze is a series of three mosaics created by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt for a 1905-1911 commission for the Palais Stoclet in Brussels. The panels depict swirling Tree of life, a standing female figure and an embracing couple.

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Rhymes for frieze:

  1. sleaze, freeze, neese, please, pleas, deis, leas, jeez, pease, feese, reas, squeeze, sees, neas, dees, keas, trees, sneeze, geez, reis, preis, neis, vees, keys, sies, beas, threes, peas, kees, seas, gies, tees, rees, saez, skis, cees, frees, seize, these, bes, nees, deas, ease, knees, she's, mees, bees, fleas, sprees, breese, teas, tease, z's, flees, cheese, fees, crees, mease, glees, breeze, friese, keyes, meis, liese, lees, wheeze, hees;
  2. chemise, aziz, ortiz, trainees, agrees, decrees, trapeze, displease, unease, maltese, scorsese, belize, cds, lessees, trustees, appease, burmese, louise, andries, chinese, foresees, pawnees, cadiz, reprise, degrees, jaycees, rupees, draftees, disease;
  3. javanese, sudanese, japanese, annamese, retirees, designees, detainees, taiwanese, absentees, conferees, enrollees, disagrees, guaranties, enlistees, escapees, nominees, timorese, honorees, overseas, devotees, appointees, referees, internees, balinese, amputees, ccs, siamese, franchisees, cantonese, guarantees, expertise, journalese, returnees, licensees, sinhalese, nepalese, inductees;
  4. abts, interviewees, stds, indochinese;

Translations for frieze:

Arabic word for Frieze


Bengali word for Frieze

ছাদের কারুকার্য.

Dutch word for Frieze


French word for Frieze


German word for Frieze


Greek word for Frieze


Hindi word for Frieze


Italian word for Frieze


Korean word for Frieze


Malay word for Frieze


Marathi word for Frieze


Polish word for Frieze


Portuguese word for Frieze


Romanian word for Frieze


Russian word for Frieze


Turkish word for Frieze


Ukrainian word for Frieze


Vietnamese word for Frieze

vải len lông quăn.