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How To Spell gradation?

Correct spelling: gradation

List of misspellings for gradation:

  • graduration,
  • creditation,
  • correlatetion,
  • ggraduating,
  • granduation,
  • draduation,
  • gradson,
  • radation,
  • tradishon,
  • crostation,
  • radioation,
  • gereration,
  • graduatyion,
  • iratation,
  • grduation,
  • corrdination,
  • juridiction,
  • degredation,
  • radiatioin,
  • graduationd,
  • coorindation,
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  • credidation,
  • geaduation,
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  • graduationg,
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  • graduatetion.

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Alma S. Woolley



Alma S. Woolley was an American nurse, nurse educator, nursing historian, and author. She led several schools of nursing, and authored a number of books and articles on nursing education, the history of nursing education, and nurses.

Best of Ballade: Current


Compilation album by Shizuka Kudo

Best of Ballade: Current is the eighth compilation album by Japanese singer Shizuka Kudo. It was released on November 18, 1998, through Pony Canyon. The compilation is Kudo's second ballad collection, following Best of Ballade: Empathy.

Best of Ballade: Empathy


Compilation album by Shizuka Kudo

Best of Ballade: Empathy is the fifth compilation album by Japanese singer Shizuka Kudo. It was released on November 20, 1992, through Pony Canyon. It is Kudo's first ballad collection, followed by Best of Ballade: Current in 1998.

I'm Not


Studio album by Shizuka Kudo

I'm Not is the thirteenth studio album by Japanese singer Shizuka Kudo. It was released on April 29, 1998, through Pony Canyon.

My Treasure Best: Miyuki Nakajima × Tsugutoshi Gotō Collection


Compilation album by Shizuka Kudo

My Treasure Best: Miyuki Nakajima × Tsugutoshi Gotō Collection is the thirteenth compilation album by Japanese singer Shizuka Kudo. It was released on February 18, 2015, through Pony Canyon. It was released as a high-resolution digital download one week in advance, on February 11, 2015, on the music store Mora. The album features all the songs co-written by Miyuki Nakajima and Tsugutoshi Gotō Kudo has released since her debut album. It also includes a new song, "Tan Jun Ai vs Hontō no Ai", which was recorded specifically for the album.

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Rhymes for gradation:

  1. conversation, sedimentation, decontamination, resignation, adoration, stabilization, inoculation, criminalization, vilification, equalization, enumeration, incarnation, disinclination, fragmentation, summation, integration, complication, amalgamation, usurpation, explication, nomination, congratulation, accumulation, proliferation, demodulation, syndication, depreciation, formation, reverberation, exhumation, generalization, modification, consolation, destination, annotation, flirtation, imitation, participation, probation, confirmation, eradication, adaptation, denationalization, recuperation, demarcation, subordination, generation, reexamination, deregulation, revaluation, correlation, formulation, consolidation, implantation, subsidization, concatenation, extrapolation, deliberation, imagination, precipitation, differentiation, configuration, agglomeration, transportation, protestation, organisation, popularization, inflation, destabilization, bifurcation, intimidation, tribulation, ossification, renegotiation, preoccupation, hydration, denomination, procreation, exclamation, celebration, hydrogenation, emulation, irritation, mutation, foliation, domestication, manifestation, allegation, hesitation, disorganization, culmination, diversification, gratification, coordination, imputation, frustration, dissociation, misinterpretation, suffocation, initiation, degradation, operation, importation, reallocation, libration, legalization, glorification, denunciation, incoordination, limitation, fortification, preparation, escalation, colonization, aspiration, liquidation, approbation, irrigation, divination, certification, obfuscation, mechanization, authentication, invalidation, unionization, ministration, convocation, specification, emanation, echolocation, connotation, contemplation, reaffiliation, augmentation, coloration, jubilation, revocation, desalination, sarmatian, communization, liberalization, condensation, conglomeration, unification, nondiscrimination, misidentification, westernization, narration, donation, prefabrication, anticipation, molestation, negation, desegregation, desiccation, evacuation, horatian, collaboration, magnification, undervaluation, perturbation, motivation, inhalation, habitation, combination, animation, russification, reinterpretation, salvation, fascination, clarification, affiliation, automation, figuration, miscommunication, navigation, permutation, rectification, fixation, socialization, confrontation, ionization, implication, consternation, invitation, population, isolation, solicitation, articulation, speculation, perspiration, politicization, mediation, maximization, consultation, globalization, malformation, civilization, allocation, medication, appellation, expropriation, reformation, ventilation, specialization, elevation, location, miscalculation, relocation, transplantation, rationalization, disputation, regulation, extermination, representation, commemoration, occupation, depopulation, humiliation, democratization, immigration, visitation, quantification, incapacitation, oxidation, mitigation, indemnification, inhabitation, affirmation, devastation, cooperation, congregation, evaporation, tabulation, investigation, triangulation, incarceration, meditation, reforestation, relaxation, litigation, vibration, regimentation, impersonation, separation, admiration, continuation, pacification, indentation, variation, rejuvenation, communication, corporation, lubrication, misapplication, damnation, reauthorization, expectation, information, hibernation, negotiation, industrialization, valuation, computerization, resuscitation, illumination, utilization, excitation, privation, constipation, calibration, duplication, installation, nonproliferation, codification, indoctrination, procrastination, vindication, calculation, expiration, affrication, inundation, sedation, incorporation, observation, reconsideration, lactation, characterization, renovation, incubation, deceleration, sanitation, purification, nitration, decapitation, emancipation, reputation, fibrillation, telecommunication, hybridization, recommendation, disqualification, multiplication, incrimination, infiltration, approximation, fertilization, indignation, gravitation, gastrulation, simplification, punctuation, determination, miscreation, computation, proration, predestination, retardation, avocation, fluctuation, starvation, vacation, miniaturization, renomination, reiteration, reinvigoration, inspiration, detonation, mobilization, corroboration, suburbanization, exhalation, exhortation, vegetation, dilation, collectivization, conjugation, discontinuation, domination, reunification, victimization, intimation, recalculation, amputation, proclamation, quotation, presentation, situation, deification, categorization, hallucination, restoration, oration, optimization, consecration, saponification, aggravation, deportation, conciliation, commercialization, exoneration, reconciliation, consideration, stalinization, indexation, translation, insulation, intonation, personalization, altercation, misrepresentation, evocation, gyration, ordination, electrification, equitation, disorientation, moderation, amortization, qualification, orientation, assimilation, misinformation, inflammation, vaporization, saturation, repudiation, sanctification, improvisation, sequestration, perpetuation, liberation, desperation, ornamentation, preservation, alienation, ligation, corp, backwardation, commendation, appreciation, falsification, estimation, magnetization, mummification, annihilation, renunciation, sensation, localization, discoloration, amelioration, association, termination, rotation, retaliation, substantiation, privatisation, fumigation, justification, annexation, fabrication, detoxification, nationalization, foundation, palpitation, trepidation, exacerbation, reservation, naturalization, elimination, interpretation, inclination, obligation, ovulation, urbanization, conflagration, origination, excavation, dispensation, alteration, polarization, contamination, relation, gentrification, edification, transillumination, notification, vulgarization, reconfiguration, alleviation, vaccination, concentration, self-congratulation, personification, decertification, dehydration, depravation, deforestation, defamation, immunization, cohabitation, demoralization, impregnation, exaggeration, delegation, ramification, pronunciation, expatriation, degeneration, affectation, manipulation, evaluation, recitation, intensification, exhilaration, nucleation, dalmatian, violation, confiscation, examination, glaciation, compensation, declaration, classification, croatian, reparation, inactivation, incantation, respiration, ostentation, gestation, provocation, dislocation, registration, marginalization, reorganization, privatization, laceration, redecoration, recrimination, pagination, constellation, harmonization, insubordination, legislation, recreation, flotation, instigation, pollination, capitulation, fluoridation, oscillation, rehydration, pontification, adulation, insinuation, strangulation, cremation, emigration, subluxation, pasteurization, confederation, remediation, realization, reclassification, decoration, rumination, authorization, radiation, desalinization, masturbation, securitization, demobilization, disinflation, cancellation, rehabilitation, reconfirmation, levitation, federation, elation, exploitation, insemination, graduation, exfoliation, appropriation, dedication, refutation, modernization, desolation, dictation, creation, granulation, education, deflation, orchestration, germination, exploration, appalachian, assassination, stagflation, consummation, adjudication, conservation, plantation, sterilization, agitation, propagation, aviation, validation, reaffirmation, rededication, verification, demonstration, repatriation, publication, distillation, titillation, infatuation, normalization, menstruation, designation, overpopulation, gasification, compilation, derivation, dilatation, intoxication, centralization, duration, premeditation, cogitation, argumentation, dissertation, interrogation, ratification, excommunication, hospitalization, vacillation, advocation, revitalization, hyperinflation, devaluation, innovation, regeneration, elaboration, facilitation, disinformation, infestation, pigmentation, reflation, refrigeration, dehumanization, reclamation, simulation, recantation, stipulation, mineralization, demonization, balkanization, filtration, arbitration, organization, visualization, reevaluation, incrustation, indication, machination, dissemination, elongation, deprivation, miseration, cultivation, migration, explanation, deformation, perforation, coagulation, neutralization, misappropriation, overvaluation, inauguration, christianization, discrimination, exasperation, stagnation, dissipation, prostration, deviation, ovation, invocation, equivocation, disembarkation, irradiation, optation, modulation, stimulation, application, pressurization, ejaculation, standardization, nullification, toleration, revelation, reincarnation, experimentation, decentralization, implementation, illustration, confabulation, condemnation, embarkation, segregation, profanation, sophistication, depredation, desecration, prognostication, delineation, temptation, monopolization, amplification, crustacean, replication, fermentation, vocation, recertification, instrumentation, remuneration, disintegration, dramatization, documentation, mutilation, taxation, notation, identification, coronation, transformation, maturation, segmentation;
  2. haitian, ration, station, nation;
  3. citation, castration, alsatian, cessation, cetacean, causation, carnation;
  4. accusation, acclimation, activation, abdication, abrogation, aberration;
  5. abomination, accommodation, acceleration, accreditation, abbreviation;
  6. acidification, capitalization, cannibalization, alphabetization;
  7. americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for gradation:

German words for Gradation

Staffelung, Stufung, Abstufung, Gradation, Gradierung.