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Spell Check of comic

Correct spelling: comic

Definition of comic:

  1. Relating to comedy; comical.

Common misspellings for comic:

somic, ccusing, cacusing, cainic.


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This graph shows how "comic" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for comic:

  1. The portrait, too, of Agathon in the act of composition is exquisitely comic –  by
  2. Just the same, he thought it was rather comic himself. –  by
  3. A love of music is not considered a marked trait of the English nation, yet have not Italian and comic opera stimulated a desire for a concord of sweet sounds among all classes of the community? –  by

Rhymes for comic:

  1. tragicomic;
  2. anomic, atomic, islamic, adamec, adamik;
  3. autonomic, diatomic, economic, ergonomic, gastronomic, monatomic, subatomic;
  4. uneconomic;
  5. macroeconomic, microeconomic;
  6. socioeconomic;