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Correct spelling: every

Definition of every:

  1. Each of a whole; all separately.

Common misspellings for every:

evry, eavry, ecery.


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Examples of usage for every:

  1. All and both are collective; any, each, and every are distributive. Any makes no selection and may not reach to the full limits of all; each and every make no exception or omission, and must extend to all; all sweeps in the units as part of a total, each and every proceed through the units to the total. A promise made to all omits none; a promise made to any may not reach all; a promise made to every one is so made that no individual shall fail to be aware of it; a promise made to each is made to the individuals personally, one by one. Each is thus more individual and specific than every every classifies, each individualizes. Each divides, both unites; if a certain sum is given to each of two persons, both ( together) must receive twice the amount; both must be aware of what has been separately communicated to each; a man may fire both barrels of a gun by a single movement; if he fires each barrel, he discharges them separately. Either properly denotes one of two, indefinitely, to the exclusion of the other. The use of either in the sense of each or both, tho sustained by good authority, is objectionable because ambiguous. His friends sat on either side of the room would naturally mean on one side or the other; if the meaning is on both sides, it would be better to say so. –  by
  2. For there was every sign of life about the place. – The Shepherd of the North by Richard Aumerle Maher
  3. Every now and then something has to be done. – Hodge and His Masters by Richard Jefferies

Rhymes for every:

  1. devry;
  2. reverie;