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How To Spell Jose?

Correct spelling: Jose

List of misspellings for Jose:

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What does the abbreviation Jose mean?


Jose as a boy's name is of Spanish origin. Variant of Joseph. Baseball player Jose Canseco; opera singer Jose Carreras.

Related words for Jose

Jose de Venecia Jr.


Philippine elected official

Jose Claveria de Venecia Jr. also known as JDV or Joe De V is a former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, serving from 1992 to 1998 and from 2001 to 2008. As Speaker, he was the fourth highest-ranking official of the Philippines. He was the former president of the Philippines' dominant party, LAKAS-CMD.

José Francisco Cevallos


President of Barcelona

José Francisco Cevallos Villavicencio is an Ecuadorian retired football goalkeeper, former Minister of Sports in Ecuador and current President of Barcelona, the football club where he started his professional career.

José Luis Carranza


Peruvian soccer player

José Luis Carranza Vivanco, nicknamed El Puma is a Peruvian retired football midfield player from Peru who played his entire club career for Universitario de Deportes.

José Mesa


Baseball player

José Ramón Nova Mesa is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher who played in Major League Baseball from 1987 through 2007. He played for the Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Colorado Rockies, and Detroit Tigers.

Jose Pasillas


American drummer

José Antonio Pasillas II is an American drummer best known as the drummer and co-founder of alternative rock band Incubus.

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Quotes for Jose:

  1. My mother's side of the family was in the production side of theatre. My grandfather, Jose Vega, was a general manager for Neil Simon shows on Broadway.

Rhymes for Jose:

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