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How To Spell letter?

Correct spelling: letter

Definition of letter:

  1. win an athletic letter, in sports

List of misspellings for letter:

  • leuture,
  • oletter,
  • lettig,
  • blatter,
  • lotter,
  • littil,
  • shleter,
  • vetter,
  • ledthe,
  • liitter,
  • latier,
  • ltttle,
  • letout,
  • balette,
  • ehter,
  • lettile,
  • lottie,
  • letere,
  • lator,
  • lettin,
  • lakter,
  • letuice,
  • lette,
  • betteer,
  • littel,
  • lettle,
  • lettert,
  • littre,
  • lwetter,
  • lottury,
  • leahter,
  • lertter,
  • liettle,
  • lether,
  • leeder,
  • lewtter,
  • lateor,
  • liftter,
  • littul,
  • ledder,
  • laterr,
  • leatard,
  • lettus,
  • eiter,
  • lettters,
  • leadre,
  • lettrer,
  • lehrer,
  • letterto,
  • lettre,
  • eatter,
  • leted,
  • rulette,
  • littie,
  • lettet,
  • leaher,
  • newletter,
  • laetr,
  • alitte,
  • lutuem,
  • lettace,
  • latyer,
  • lettue,
  • letari,
  • latrer,
  • leture,
  • aletter,
  • lletter,
  • lattern,
  • lettec,
  • letuce,
  • leder,
  • wlter,
  • leeter,
  • uttter,
  • nesletter,
  • llater,
  • letteuse,
  • belter,
  • lectuer,
  • letetr,
  • lieter,
  • lettes,
  • liptor,
  • litterly,
  • laterm,
  • litte,
  • lecter,
  • letty,
  • lattter,
  • blueater,
  • litten,
  • leatr,
  • lectur,
  • lateer,
  • laater,
  • liture,
  • leiter,
  • ltter,
  • lettesr.

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Quotes for letter:

  1. His letter was like the shock produced by a cold bath.
  2. You glance at an e -mail. You give more attention to a real letter.
  3. In the first debate the bulges create the impression of a letter T with a small feature which appears similar to a wire under the jacket running upward from the right.
  4. Journalism's ultimate purpose is to inform the reader, to bring him each day a letter from home and never to permit the serving of special interests.
  5. For in every particular of the Word there is an internal sense which treats of things spiritual and heavenly, not of things natural and worldly, such as are treated of in the sense of the letter.

Rhymes for letter:

  1. fetter, setter, getter, better, petter, jetter, wetter, petre, debtor, netter, ator, sweater, fretter, bettor;

Translations for letter:

Arabic word for Letter


Bengali word for Letter


Dutch words for Letter

verhuurder, schrijven.

French words for Letter

courrier, lettre, missive.

German words for Letter

Note, Brief, beschriften, Einsendung, schreiben, Zeichen, Sendung, Zuschrift, Letter, Buchstabe, anschreiben, Drucktype, Schriftzeichen.

Greek word for Letter


Italian words for Letter

lettera, missiva.

Japanese words for Letter

レター, 書簡, 便り, 英文字, 信書, ふみ, しょとく, 書翰, てがみ, 尺牘, おとさた, しょうそく, しょめん, 音沙汰, 消息, 手簡, 音信, しょしん, しゃくどく, 書信, たより, 文字.

Javanese word for Letter


Korean word for Letter


Romanian word for Letter


Russian words for Letter

буква, послание.

Spanish words for Letter

nota, carta, documento, letra, escrito, litera, misiva, epístola.

Swedish word for Letter


Turkish words for Letter

sürat, mektup.

Ukrainian word for Letter


Vietnamese words for Letter

một, chữ cái.