Correct spelling for OT

We think the word ot is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for ot

  • Got(Definition of Got)
  • What have you got on?

  • Otc(Definition of otc)
  • Their response dismissed borns analysis and focused on the hypothetical possibility that cftc regulation of swaps and other otc derivative instruments could create a "legal uncertainty" regarding such financial instruments, hypothetically reducing the value of the instruments.

  • Lot(Definition of lot)
  • An' i sure think you're the best anderson of the lot.

  • Et
  • In the rue de paris, the street between the town and the railway station, are the g. h. du louvre et de reims, 7 to 10 frs.

  • Pot(Definition of pot)
  • "wouldn't risk it, doc-not even for a ten-dollar pot," replied marsh.

  • Wot(Definition of Wot)
  • By the time you two have 'ad your share, besides taking wot i owe you, there'll be 'ardly anything left."

  • Otb
  • To have an over-the-board (otb) chess tournament the equipment required includes: chess pieces, chessboard, chess clock, score sheets and table.

  • Oe
  • The oesophagus, oe, tapers gradually from the wide pharynx, ph, and then continues as a cylindrical tube of uniform diameter to the right side of the anterior end of the stomach, where it opens into the latter organ.

  • Out(Definition of out)
  • "i'll work us up and out of this!

    Soon you're gonna fall out Of the family roundabout.

    – Take It On The Chin by Unknown Author
  • Rot(Definition of rot)
  • "or headless horseman rot.

    We're dying, we're dying, we're dying. Our insides are starting to rot. You're lying, you're lying, if you say We're okay, 'cos maybe we're not.

    – For The Birds by Juliana Hatfield
  • Mot(Definition of mot)
  • Conversation is damped by a bon-mot.

  • At(Definition of at)
  • Is he at home to-day?"

  • It(Definition of It)
  • Ses he, "what is it?"

    Inhabit it And its morals aren't worth What a pig could spit And it goes by the name Of London.

    – "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" Script - Broadway musical by Unknown Author
  • Tot(Definition of tot)
  • I think that just one tot of brandy-oh!


    – Das Spiel Ist Aus by laibach
  • Hot(Definition of hot)
  • "awfully," said chumbley-"hot and strong.

  • Sot(Definition of sot)
  • But i had never sot eyes on him till that day, though i well remember visitin' his parents, who lived then in the outskirts of loontown-good respectable methodist epospical people-and runners of a cheese factory at that time.

  • Oat(Definition of oat)
  • Whitwell leaned forward and took a straw into his mouth from the golden wall of oat sheaves in the barn where they were talking.

  • Oft(Definition of oft)
  • Himself for truth all this doth know, and oft hath tried some of this row; and yet he sweareth by his conscience, he never saw woman break patience.

  • Bot(Definition of bot)
  • The parasitic life of the bot-fly of sheep results in a severe catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the sinuses of the head, and a discharge of a heavy, pus-like material from the nostrils.

  • Dot(Definition of dot)
  • The tradition was that it had been a colonial tavern-a dot among the fir-covered northern hills on the climbing post-road into canada.

  • Yt(Definition of Yt)
  • Then spake ye damned windmill, sr walter, of a people in ye uttermost parts of america, yt capulate not until they be five and thirty yeres of age, ye women being eight and twenty, and do it then but once in seven yeres.

  • Opt
  • A must-carry rule requires all cable television systems to carry all full-power local commercial broadcast stations in the designated television market on their lineups, unless those stations opt to invoke retransmission consent and demand compensation, in which case the cable provider can decline to carry the channel (especially if the provider feels that the rate of carrying an existing service would result in an increase of the average price of a tier to levels to which it could result in a subscriber possibly dropping the service).

  • T
  • Jackson, john, father of general t.j. jackson.

    How it fits, it fits to a T. Like the visiting team That the Yankees will cream Pinstripes are all that they see.

    – The Pinstripes Are All That They See by Unknown Author
  • Oct(Definition of oct)
  • Thursday, october 21, 1915. we arrived at piraeus at 6 a.

  • Ow(Definition of OW)
  • Ow, chuck it, paddy.

  • Oi
  • "oi belave oi know," chuckled the fun-loving irish lad.

  • Not(Definition of not)
  • "not now," said mr. spokesly.

  • Oh(Definition of oh)
  • Oh, yes, you're to have him, hantee.

  • Or(Definition of or)
  • Or shall i tell it you?

    Will it make your nights pass easier or Will you think you were a fool When my pillow's bare and you're lying there, Will a heartache linger on

    – When I'm Gone by Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Ut(Definition of ut)
  • "we ain't never goin' to quit playin' ut square," he announced, to mary's manifest relief.

  • Ot
  • Taking two ot the best, i stripped off the branches, and returned to my companion, who was still at work on the raft, relashing its timbers wherever needed.

  • Cot(Definition of cot)
  • For answer the two boys bade him rise from his cot.

  • Pt
  • The following papers also relate to this subject: underground waters of arkansas valley in eastern colorado, by g. k. gilbert, in seventeenth annual, pt.

  • Ont
  • La presente declaration n'est et ne sera obligatoire qu'entre les puissances, qui y ont, ou qui y auront accede.

  • Jot(Definition of jot)
  • I cared not a jot for carford's anger, and was determined not to give ground.