How To Spell mistake?

Correct spelling: mistake

What is the definition of mistake?

  1. to make a mistake or be incorrect

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What are the rhymes for mistake?

  1. drake, jacque, take, brake, break, fake, snake, rake, jake, blake, wake, haik, sake, ake, ache, shaik, bake, lake, make, shake, cake, spake, steak, quake, flake, hake, stake, paik, naik;
  2. partake, awake, forsake, remake, opaque, retake;

What are the translations for mistake?

Arabic word for Mistake


Chinese words for Mistake

误, 误会, 覆辙, 犯错, 差误, 差讹.

Dutch words for Mistake

misstap, fout, vergissing, onderschatten, zich vergissen, dwaling, abuis, misvatting, verkeerd begrijpen, verkeerd interpreteren, niet herkennen.

French words for Mistake

erreur, faute, abus, méprise, gaffe.

German words for Mistake

Fehler, Verwechslung, Versehen, verwechseln, missverstehen, verkennen, Verwechselung, Irrtum, Fehlleistung, Missgriff, Fehlgriff, Fehlentscheidung, Fehlentwicklung, Rechenfehler, falsch verstehen, falsch auffassen, Tort.

Greek word for Mistake


Italian word for Mistake


Japanese words for Mistake

間違い, ミス, 失敗, 過誤, 非, ミステイク, 手違い, 謬, ちょんぼ, 誤, ちがえる, 落ち度, しっちゃく, 錯誤, 見損う, 越度, 失着, 僻事, ひがごと, 手抜かり, さくご, おちど, 見損なう, ごびゅう, てぬかり, てちがい, みそこなう, しってん, ご, あやまり, 災禍, 落度, 失点.

Korean word for Mistake


Malay words for Mistake

kesilapan, Kesalahan.

Norwegian word for Mistake


Portuguese words for Mistake

errado, falha, erro, deslize, incorrecção.

Romanian word for Mistake


Spanish words for Mistake

fallo, falta, lapso, error, confundir, descuido, engaño, desacierto.

Swedish word for Mistake


Turkish word for Mistake