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How To Spell neigh?

Correct spelling: neigh

Definition of neigh:

  1. The cry of a horse.

List of misspellings for neigh:

  • lengh,
  • eenough,
  • enaugh,
  • wegh,
  • neigher,
  • neighber,
  • wheigh,
  • nergy,
  • reighn,
  • neighter,
  • wiegh,
  • siegh,
  • enouugh,
  • niegh,
  • neach,
  • niech,
  • nitgh,
  • nergo,
  • newphey,
  • knigh,
  • hoigh,
  • nephi,
  • unough,
  • neeth,
  • neiphew,
  • neion,
  • veign,
  • liegh,
  • eigh,
  • enoigh,
  • wieigh,
  • kneehigh,
  • neighbo,
  • ewnough,
  • anogh,
  • neich,
  • neght,
  • beneigh,
  • enouigh,
  • enugh,
  • eoungh,
  • enagh,
  • enourgh,
  • enuogh,
  • benigh,
  • heigh,
  • knewhe,
  • neign,
  • nough,
  • nighr,
  • theigh,
  • engh,
  • seigh,
  • eniough,
  • eneough,
  • nieghbur,
  • neithor,
  • naight,
  • nephu,
  • wenough,
  • neabough,
  • rnough,
  • aenough,
  • ghfgh,
  • naighbur,
  • noight,
  • neith,
  • enouogh,
  • hiegh,
  • enior,
  • nighy,
  • wrigh,
  • rieghn,
  • enoygh,
  • enogh,
  • wnough,
  • neair,
  • newth,
  • anough,
  • enoough,
  • enaough,
  • maigh,
  • neithia,
  • neighnor,
  • niight,
  • neburgh,
  • keigh,
  • nefiw,
  • roigh,
  • unugh,
  • nign,
  • hiigh,
  • enoiugh,
  • eanough,
  • nighly,
  • newph,
  • deighn,
  • nephue,
  • neighor,
  • inogh.

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This graph shows how "neigh" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for neigh:

  1. When I appear in public people expect me to neigh, grind my teeth, paw the ground and swish my tail- none of which is easy.

Rhymes for neigh:

  1. pay, paye, lait, che, faye, tray, rey, day, ray, hey, hay, ney, gaye, wei, pray, jay, sta, fray, mey, bray, sleigh, rae, spray, nej, j, de, hwe, frey, wy, shea, gway, brae, waye, sze, daye, they, re, shay, ay, flay, lei, haye, ae, drey, mei, bay, may, tae, maye, k, kay, fe, quai, blay, whey, grey, brey, pei, yea, quay, tay, jae, cay, play, weigh, cray, bey, trey, yay, nay, gray, say, khe, dray, vey, raye, slay, klay, se, graye, stray, stay, prey, dae, fay, ley, jaye, saye, sway, fey, mae, lay, wey, way, ca, wray, clay, ne, dey, kaye;
  2. cache, filet, array, saute, souffle, portray, prepay, obey, toupee, o'shea, manet, sergei, monet, chalet, carre, allay, delray, cafe, renee, ha, ole, croquet, display, rene, today, hooray, dismay, buffet, astray, belay, olay, dk, gervais, purvey, mackay, crochet, cathay, calais, abbe, bombay, da, passe, replay, orsay, nikkei, valet, fillet, oj, mckay, hervey, nisei, essay, asay, ballet, away, hurray, halfway, macrae, mcveigh, ek, repay, mccrea, defray, betray, delay, okay, b-j, bouquet, soiree, beauvais, decay, jose, moray, millay, risque, cliche, levey, survey, puree, beret, parquet, sorbet, ga, dossier, convey;
  3. disarray, cea, jna, monterrey, uva, chevrolet, underway, monterey, disobey, perrier, lyonnais, cabernet, faberge, intraday, ita, overstay, attache, ira, aaa, overplay, bouvier, piaget, ekk, cabaret, underplay, dak, bua, bta, fiance;
  4. communique, ceta, naivete, foia, noaa, cabriolet, hiaa, asea;
  5. waga;

Translations for neigh:

Arabic word for Neigh


Bengali word for Neigh


Chinese words for Neigh

嘶, 嘶鸣, 咴, 嘶叫.

French word for Neigh


German words for Neigh

Bure, wiehern.

Greek word for Neigh


Hindi word for Neigh


Italian word for Neigh


Japanese word for Neigh


Javanese word for Neigh


Malay word for Neigh


Norwegian word for Neigh


Polish word for Neigh


Portuguese word for Neigh


Romanian word for Neigh


Russian word for Neigh


Spanish word for Neigh


Swedish word for Neigh


Tamil word for Neigh

குதிரை போல் கணை.

Turkish word for Neigh


Ukrainian word for Neigh


Vietnamese word for Neigh

ngựa hí.