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Correct spelling: nurse

Definition of nurse:

  1. 1. To suckle, to give suck to an infant. 2. To perform all the necessary offices in the care of the sick. 3. A woman who has the care of an infant or young child. 4. One who has the care of a sick person, performing all the necessary offices in relation to the toilet, giving of food and medicine, etc., under the direction of the physician.
  2. A woman who has care of infants or children; one who suckles children; one who tends the sick; he who or that which nourishes or protects; the state of being nursed.
  3. To suckle; to tend in infancy or sickness; to feed; to bring up; to cherish; to promote growth in; to foster or encourage; to manage with care and economy.

Common misspellings for nurse:

hurse, nurces, nuse.


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Examples of usage for nurse:

  1. " That's all right," said the nurse – The Rough Road by William John Locke
  2. The nurse moved on. – The Rough Road by William John Locke
  3. She looked in at him, and spoke to the nurse – Somehow Good by William de Morgan