How To Spell once?

Correct spelling: once

What is the definition of once?

  1. as soon as; "once we are home, we can rest"

What does the abbreviation once mean?

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What are the rhymes for once?

  1. dunce, bunce;

What are the translations for once?

Arabic word for Once


Bengali word for Once


Dutch words for Once

keer, ooit, eenmaal, eens.

French words for Once

une fois, jadis, lorsque, quand, autrefois, dès lors que.

German words for Once

als, wenn, einmal, einst, einstmals, ehemals, wenn erst einmal, weiland.

Greek word for Once


Hindi word for Once

एक बार.

Italian word for Once

una volta.

Japanese words for Once

一度, かつて, 一回, 一旦, いったん, ひとたび, いちど, 一遍, 都て, いっぺん, ひと度, 嘗て, 何時ぞや, 一先ず, 日外, 一まず, 一朝, 一応, 一たび, 曾て, ひところ, にちがい, ひとまず, いっかい, 一先, いっちょう, 一頃, 一とたび, いちおう, 一往, いつぞや, じつがい, ひと先ず.

Javanese word for Once


Korean word for Once

한 번.

Malay word for Once


Norwegian word for Once

en gang.

Polish word for Once


Portuguese words for Once

quando, uma vez, outrora, antigamente, tão logo.

Romanian word for Once

o dată.

Russian words for Once

один раз, однажды, когда-то, некогда, единожды, как-то, однократно, когда-нибудь.

Spanish words for Once

una vez, antes, hace tiempo.

Swedish word for Once

en gång.

Tamil word for Once


Turkish word for Once

bir Zamanlar.

Ukrainian word for Once

один раз.