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How To Spell papers?

Correct spelling: papers

List of misspellings for papers:

  • nespapers,
  • pepperspray,
  • pupies,
  • payperview,
  • appiers,
  • pahes,
  • appeears,
  • plpease,
  • popers,
  • papges,
  • perps,
  • papger,
  • appeas,
  • pwoers,
  • apppears,
  • appars,
  • parpare,
  • papter,
  • papermache,
  • pepppers,
  • popuri,
  • pwers,
  • papwers,
  • appeers,
  • keapers,
  • payors,
  • apppers,
  • peapods,
  • paers,
  • paaper,
  • pappers,
  • paparzzi,
  • apeirs,
  • appes,
  • perpecs,
  • papuler,
  • perpes,
  • pawers,
  • newpapers,
  • appearss,
  • purpes,
  • perperson,
  • perhapes,
  • payper,
  • pupors,
  • papazzi,
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  • peapers.

What does the abbreviation papers mean?

Related words for papers

Arjo Wiggins


Paper company

Arjowiggins is a leading producer of paper products. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and used to be a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but is now owned by Worms & Cie.

Foreign Papers


Album by Gerard McMahon

Foreign Papers is an album by English singer/songwriter Gerard McMann, released on the Atco Records label in 1986. The album was produced by Gerard McMann, Frank Filipetti and Joe Filipetti.

John Tipton


Former U.S. senator

John Tipton was from Tennessee and became a farmer in Indiana; a veteran officer of the War of 1812, in which he reached the rank of Brigadier General; and politician.

Letters and Papers of the Reign of Henry VIII



Letters and Papers of the Reign of Henry VIII is a multi-volume edition of documents from the reign of Henry VIII of England. The series was edited by J. S. Brewer, James Gairdner and R. H. Brodie, and originally published between 1862 and 1932.

The Purcell Papers


Book by Sheridan Le Fanu

The Purcell Papers are a collection of thirteen Gothic, supernatural, historical and humorous short stories by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu originally written for the Dublin University Magazine.

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Rhymes for papers:

  1. rapers, tapers, scrapers, vapors, capers;

Translations for papers:

Afrikaans word for Papers


Arabic word for Papers


Bengali word for Papers


Chinese word for Papers


Dutch words for Papers

documenten, rapporten, kranten, bladen, scripties, papers, werkstukken.

French word for Papers


German words for Papers

Unterlagen, Akten, Papiere, papieren, Dokumente, Zeitungen, Vorträge, Aufsätze, Referate.

Greek word for Papers


Hindi word for Papers


Italian word for Papers


Javanese word for Papers


Malay word for Papers

Kertas kerja.

Marathi word for Papers


Norwegian word for Papers


Polish word for Papers


Romanian word for Papers


Russian words for Papers

бумаги, документы, доклады, газеты, обои, рефераты, записи, банкноты.

Spanish words for Papers

prensa, papeles, ensayos, documentos, trabajos, ponencias, periódicos, comunicaciones, diarios, presentaciones.

Swedish word for Papers


Turkish word for Papers


Ukrainian word for Papers


Vietnamese word for Papers

giấy tờ.