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How To Spell prosperity?

Correct spelling: prosperity

Definition of prosperity:

  1. The state of being prosperous.

List of misspellings for prosperity:

  • proerprty,
  • prosprity,
  • propreity,
  • p4osperity,
  • proeprty,
  • propewrty,
  • properitor,
  • prospherity,
  • properiter,
  • lrosperity,
  • proseprity,
  • proprtey,
  • propsered,
  • pripority,
  • pricipality,
  • propraty,
  • prosterity,
  • prosparity,
  • pdosperity,
  • grossprofit,
  • prospestive,
  • propererty,
  • passprt,
  • preoprty,
  • persprity,
  • proserity,
  • prosperty,
  • prospartiy,
  • prosporeuos,
  • properiety,
  • preceprotship,
  • prospro,
  • propularity,
  • prosperitiy,
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  • prosperirty,
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  • orosperity,
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  • propserity.

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Quotes for prosperity:

  1. The free market economy is supposed to be the only path leading to the happiness of humanity by promoting wealth and prosperity, power and influence of nations.
  2. The Saudi government's denial of basic rights to women is not only wrong, it hurts Saudi Arabia's economic development, modernization and prosperity.
  3. No nation ever taxed itself into prosperity.
  4. It's God's will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It's God's will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt.
  5. Are we interested in treating the symptoms of poverty and economic stagnation through income redistribution and class warfare, or do we want to go at the root causes of poverty and economic stagnation by promoting pro -growth policies that promote prosperity?

Translations for prosperity:

Arabic word for Prosperity


Dutch words for Prosperity

bloei, welzijn, geluk, welvaart, rijkdom, voorspoed, welstand.

French word for Prosperity


German words for Prosperity

Erfolg, gedeihen, Wohlergehen, Wohlstand, Prosperität, Reichtum, Hochkonjunktur, Wohlhabenheit.

Greek word for Prosperity


Japanese words for Prosperity

繁栄, 栄, 隆盛, 繁盛, 栄え, はんえい, はえ, りゅうせい, 隆昌, 隆運, 殷盛, 盛況, しょううん, さかえ, 弥栄, 盛運, 繁昌, はんか, こうりゅう, しふく, 彌榮, とくい, 映え, はんじょう, 繁華, 亨運, しんさく, いんしん, こううん, じょうけいき, ゆうふく, せいきょう, かっきょう, 昌運, いやさか, 殷富, えいよう, 殷賑.

Javanese word for Prosperity


Korean word for Prosperity


Malay word for Prosperity


Norwegian word for Prosperity


Polish words for Prosperity

dobrobyt, dostatek, powodzenie, koniunktura.

Portuguese word for Prosperity


Romanian word for Prosperity


Russian words for Prosperity

процветание, благосостояние, благополучие, преуспевание, достаток.

Spanish word for Prosperity


Tamil word for Prosperity


Turkish word for Prosperity


Ukrainian word for Prosperity


Vietnamese word for Prosperity

sự thịnh vượng.