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How To Spell recovery?

Correct spelling: recovery

List of misspellings for recovery:

  • reocvery,
  • recovry,
  • revery,
  • recovary,
  • recoery,
  • recveive,
  • recycleevery,
  • ecovery,
  • regcovered,
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Bear Swamp Recovery


Reality show

Bear Swamp Recovery was an American reality series that debuted on August 22, 2011 on truTV and OnceTV. The show's title is the name of the repossessing agency, which is located in Mercerville, New Jersey.

Fort Recovery, Tortola


Fortress in the British Virgin Islands

Fort Recovery is a fort on the West End of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. In historical records, the fort is often referred to as Tower Fort, and the area around the fort is still referred to as "Towers" today.

Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium



Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, also known as Kamaishi Unosumai Stadium, is a planned stadium in Umesuicho, Kamaishi, Iwate.

Recovery Glacier


Glacier in Antarctica

The Recovery Glacier is a glacier flowing west along the southern side of the Shackleton Range in Antarctica. First seen from the air and examined from the ground by the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1957, it was so named because of the recovery of the expedition's vehicles which repeatedly broke into bridged crevasses on this glacier during the early stages of the crossing of Antarctica.

Recovery: Live!


Live album by Great White

Recovery: Live! is a live album released by the American hard rock band Great White originally in 1987. Several versions of the album were released, with variations in both covers and track listings.

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Quotes for recovery:

  1. For Europe, the fall of Communism has to be taken into account, and the fact that in the fight against Communism the recovery of Europe's Christian roots was the driving force.
  2. I see harm reduction as a way of engaging people as part of that path to recovery.
  3. We could have a political movement going if it had been properly organized but the Monarchy's done itself enormous damage possibly beyond the point of long -term recovery.
  4. I prayed to God for help and I put myself in a recovery house called Studio 12. It was for people in the business and you didn't have to have any money to go, which was good because I was broke.
  5. We have to change course. And we have to do so now. That is why I worked with my colleagues in Washington to pass the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Rhymes for recovery:

  1. discovery;
  2. rediscovery;

Translations for recovery:

Arabic word for Recovery


Dutch words for Recovery

genezing, herstel, terugwinning, opleving, heropleving, revalidatie, recuperatie, terugvordering, herwinning.

French words for Recovery

récupération, reprise, rétablissement, relance, repos, regain, redressement, recouvrement, valorisation, convalescence, reconstruction, rémission.

German words for Recovery

Verwertung, Ausbeute, Erholung, wiederfinden, Korrektur, Wiederherstellung, Genesung, Besserung, Aufschwung, Rückgewinnung, Gesundung, Bergung, Wiedergewinnung, Heilung, Beitreibung, Wiedererlangung, Genesungsprozess, Markterholung, Wiederanlauf, Wiederfindung, Wiederbelebung, Wiederaufschwung, Zurückgewinnung, Restauration.

Italian words for Recovery

ripristino, guarigione, recuperare, ripresa, recupero, miglioramento, ricostituzione.

Japanese words for Recovery

回復, 回収, リカバリ, リカバリー, 治癒, 復調, 戻り, 再生法, 快復, 再起, 挽回, かいふく, さいき, 跳ね返り, もどり, 取り返し, 治り, はねっかえり, 反撥, まきかえし, かいゆ, はねかえり, 跳ねっ返り, 巻き返し, だっかい, へいゆ, だっかん, とりかえし, ばんかい, 奪還, 快癒, 巻返し, はね返り, ちゆ, かいき, はねっ返り, さいせいほう, たちなおり, はんぱつ, なおり, 奪回, さいせい, 巻きかえし, 取返し, ふくちょう, 平癒, 恢復.

Korean word for Recovery


Malay word for Recovery


Norwegian word for Recovery


Polish words for Recovery

poprawa, zwrot, odzysk, odzyskiwanie, odzyskanie, odbudowa, naprawa, ożywienie, regeneracja, wyzdrowienie, wyleczenie, odtwarzanie, powrót do zdrowia, rekuperacja, odtworzenie, powrót do normy.

Portuguese words for Recovery

restabelecimento, melhora, recuperação, retoma, reabilitação, recobro, retomada, convalescença, reconstituição, regeneração.

Russian words for Recovery

выздоровление, регенерация, исцеление, излечивание.

Spanish words for Recovery

restablecimiento, mejora, reembolso, recuperación, reactivación, cobro, cura, rescate, convalecencia, remontada.

Turkish word for Recovery


Ukrainian word for Recovery


Vietnamese word for Recovery

sự hồi phục.