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How To Spell recover?

Correct spelling: recover

What is the definition of recover?

  1. Recoverable.

What does the abbreviation recover mean?

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What are the rhymes for recover?

  1. glover, hover, cover, shover, lover;
  2. uncover, discover;
  3. undercover, rediscover;

What are the translations for recover?

Arabic word for Recover


Bengali word for Recover


Chinese word for Recover


Dutch words for Recover

herstel, terugkrijgen, recupereren, terugwinnen, opknappen, opkrabbelen, herwinnen, terughalen, terugvinden, hervinden, bijkomen, erbovenop komen.

French words for Recover

reprendre, se remettre, retrouver, recouvrir, remonter, restaurer, rembourser, reconstituer, capter, recouvrer.

German words for Recover

herstellen, wiederherstellen, wiederfinden, wiedererlangen, bergen, wieder zu Kräften kommen, wiedergewinnen, retten, entdecken, einholen, zurückgewinnen, gesund werden, zurückerlangen, gesunden, verwerten, sich regenerieren, zurückbekommen, rückgewinnen, wieder fit werden, zurückerobern, wiedererhalten.

Hindi word for Recover

की वसूली.

Italian word for Recover


Japanese words for Recover

取り戻す, リカバー, いえる, 取戻す, 立ち直る, 立直る, とりもどす, 立ち上がる, 取り返す, 立ちなおる, とり戻す, もどる, 癒える, いゆ, 取返す, 復する, 癒ゆ, 復す, とりかえす, たちあがる, たちなおる, 回復する.

Korean word for Recover


Malay words for Recover

Waras, Pulih.

Marathi word for Recover

पुनर्प्राप्त करा.

Norwegian word for Recover

friskne til.

Polish words for Recover

odzyskać, przywrócić, wrócić do zdrowia, odbudowywać się, ożywiać się.

Portuguese words for Recover

melhorar, recolher, recuperar-se, resgatar, restabelecer, reaver, recompor-se, refazer-se.

Romanian word for Recover

a se recupera.

Russian words for Recover

восстановить, поправиться, вернуть, оправиться, выздороветь, прийти в себя.

Spanish words for Recover

mejorar, encontrar, recuperar, restablecer, salvar, rescatar, recuperarse, recobrar, reponerse, restaurar, cobrar, curarse, restablecerse, ponerse bien, reconquistar, reconstituir, reactivarse.

Swedish word for Recover


Tamil word for Recover


Turkish word for Recover


Ukrainian word for Recover


Vietnamese word for Recover

hồi phục.