How To Spell relative?

Correct spelling: relative

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What is the definition of relative?

  1. Relativeness.

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What are the translations for relative?

Afrikaans word for Relative


Arabic word for Relative


Dutch words for Relative

relatief, betrekkelijk, familielid, verwante, verwant, bloedverwant.

French words for Relative

relatif, parenté, parent.

German word for Relative


Hindi word for Relative


Italian word for Relative


Japanese words for Relative

比較的, 相対, 相対的, 親戚, 縁戚, 関係詞, 縁者, そうたい, かんけいし, えんつづき, 身より, 親せき, 縁続き, えんじゃ, 身寄り, みより, ひかくてき, そうたいてき.

Malay word for Relative


Norwegian word for Relative


Polish words for Relative

względny, relatywny, stosunkowy, krewny.

Portuguese words for Relative

parenta, respeitantes, associado, atinentes, relacionadas, relacionada, concernente.

Russian words for Relative

относительный, родственник, индекс, член семьи, сравнительный, касающийся, релятивный, соотносительный, соответственный.

Spanish words for Relative

pertinente, relacionado, relativo, referente, pariente, respectivo, ligadas, concerniente, parienta, deudo.

Turkish word for Relative


Vietnamese word for Relative

họ hàng.