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How To Spell secondary?

Correct spelling: secondary

Definition of secondary:

  1. the defensive football players who line up behind the linemen

List of misspellings for secondary:

  • secondardy,
  • scondary,
  • westcountry,
  • secordary,
  • secodnary,
  • legiondary,
  • secandary,
  • scoundary,
  • seconda,
  • secondone,
  • secondlly,
  • sectatary,
  • seconday,
  • secondar,
  • secondth,
  • secorndary,
  • legondary,
  • seconddary,
  • sceendary,
  • secondaey,
  • secondaray,
  • subcondral,
  • mckendry,
  • scantuary,
  • secondtime,
  • secondas,
  • sectuary,
  • secutary,
  • secondaty,
  • sescondary,
  • scoundra,
  • seconarry,
  • secondarly,
  • secdonary,
  • secondarty,
  • secatary,
  • legndary,
  • secondely,
  • secondrey,
  • secondry,
  • secondrate,
  • secortery,
  • seocndary,
  • sedantary,
  • sencondary,
  • secoundly,
  • secondaary,
  • secondray,
  • sectofghr,
  • leagondary,
  • secdondary,
  • secandry,
  • secundairy,
  • secondart,
  • secondariy,
  • lowcountry,
  • secondayr,
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  • mitocondria,
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  • seconadly,
  • sujnday,
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  • homecountry,
  • secoundary,
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  • secondarys,
  • secpndary,
  • econdary,
  • secondrary,
  • seconadary,
  • legandary,
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  • seondary,
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  • secodary,
  • scoundral,
  • sceondary,
  • sccentor,
  • secoundry,
  • secondaries,
  • secnondary,
  • secnario,
  • seccondly,
  • scanenr,
  • secondley,
  • secondarym,
  • secndary.

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A.B. Lucas Secondary School


Secondary school in London, Ontario

A.B. Lucas Secondary School is a secondary school located at the northern end of London, Ontario, Canada. The school was named after Dr. A.B. Lucas, who was recognized for his contribution to education in London. In April 1962, Hugh Murray became the first principal.

Bundoora Secondary College


School in Bundoora, Australia

Bundoora Secondary College is a public secondary school for girls and boys in years 7 to 12 located in a residential block on the corner of Balmoral Avenue and Moreton Crescent in Bundoora, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Edgefield Secondary School


School in Singapore

Edgefield Secondary School is a government co-educational secondary school in Punggol, Singapore.

Unity Secondary School


School in Singapore

Unity Secondary School is a government co-educational secondary school in Choa Chu Kang, Singapore. It provides Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical courses from secondary 1 - 4/5 levels.

Yuying Secondary School


School in Singapore

Yuying Secondary was founded by the Hainanese Community in 1910 as a Chinese medium high school. It is one of the oldest schools in Singapore. Initially, it was known as Yock Eng School. In 1947, it was renamed to Yock Eng High School. Finally, in 1985, its name is changed to Yuying Secondary. It was previously located at the present CDAC premise and moved to the current site in 1986.

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Examples of usage for secondary:

  1. Everything else is secondary – Bedside Manner by William Morrison

Translations for secondary:

Arabic word for Secondary


Bengali word for Secondary


Dutch words for Secondary

middelbaar, secundair, ondergeschikt, bijkomend, bijkomstig, secondair.

French words for Secondary

secondaire, second, auxiliaire, mineur, secondaires.

German words for Secondary

untergeordnet, Accessoire, sekundär, zweitrangig, unterlagert.

Greek word for Secondary


Hindi word for Secondary


Italian word for Secondary


Japanese words for Secondary

二次, 二次的, セカンダリ, セカンダリー, 副次的, 附帯, 二の次, 二級, 従, 派生的, 従たる, にぎてき, 付帯的, セコンダリー, じゅうたる, はせいてき, にのつぎ, ふくぎ, 二義的, にじてき, ふたい, 従的, 副木, にきゅう, ふくじてき, じゅうてき, ふたいてき, 二次的な.

Malay word for Secondary


Norwegian word for Secondary


Portuguese word for Secondary


Russian words for Secondary

вторичный, второстепенный, среднее.

Spanish words for Secondary

derivado, secundario, secundar, de secundaria.

Swedish word for Secondary


Tamil word for Secondary


Turkish word for Secondary


Ukrainian word for Secondary


Vietnamese word for Secondary

trung học.