How To Spell skill?

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What does the abbreviation skill mean?

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What are the rhymes for skill?

  1. krill, nil, thrill, wil, chill, will, dill, lille, mill, lill, thill, sil, zil, grille, bill, twill, mille, il, til, rill, fil, shrill, nill, brill, lil, quill, still, fril, drill, we'll, spill, gil, prill, hille, zill, mil, fill, ville, jill, stil, pill, phil, bil, sill, swill, trill, jil, hill, gill, pil, frill, grill, ill, till, shill;
  2. goodwill, instill, demille, brazil, distil, until, uphill, refill, fulfill, belleville, distill, abril, sunil, seville, bastille;

What are the translations for skill?

Afrikaans word for Skill


Arabic word for Skill


Chinese words for Skill

技, 技能, 技术, 技巧, 功夫, 道行, 本事, 蓺, 把式, 工夫, 本领, 身手.

Dutch words for Skill

vakkennis, vaardigheid, vakbekwaamheid, deskundigheid, vakmanschap, bekwaamheid, handigheid, vakkundigheid, kundigheid.

French words for Skill

compétence, maîtrise, aptitude, don, technique, qualification, habileté, habilité, dextérité.

German words for Skill

Kompetenz, Adresse, Kunde, Gewandtheit, Geschick, Fertigkeit, Qualifikation, Talent, Geschicklichkeit, Kunstfertigkeit, Kunst, Handfertigkeit, Fachkönnen.

Japanese words for Skill

スキル, 腕前, 職, 巧拙, 巧者, 腕の冴え, うま味, 手練, じょうて, 手の内, うまみ, こうしゅ, てきき, 旨味, 才腕, 練熟, れんたつ, 技倆, うでのさえ, ゆうのう, りきりょう, 御手前, お上手, しゅれん, 伎倆, 手ぎわ, うでまえ, 巧技, おてまえ, じょうず, しょう, 伎, こうしゃ, こうち, ぎ, 巧手.

Javanese word for Skill


Korean word for Skill


Malay word for Skill


Norwegian word for Skill


Polish words for Skill

kompetencja, umiejętność.

Portuguese words for Skill

habilidade, competência, aptidão, qualificação, domínio, capacidade, ofício, técnica, mestria, engenho.

Romanian word for Skill


Russian words for Skill

навык, квалификация, мастерство, талант.

Spanish words for Skill

capacidad, competencia, habilidad, pericia, destreza, técnica, conocimientos, aptitud, arte, talento, cualificación.

Swedish word for Skill


Turkish word for Skill