How To Spell so?

Correct spelling: so

What does the abbreviation so mean?


So as a boy's name.

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What are the rhymes for so?

  1. monroe, kyo, tableaux, ow, show, sew, au, pro, mow, flow, throw, tho, eau, dau, kayo, giraud, o', blow, ngo, rondeau, undergo, bow, marceau, lo, wo, defoe, loe, dough, doe, boe, cloe, sow, sloe, beaux, cabo, row, coe, joh, poh, poe, hello, roe, thoreau, nouveau, rowe, tableau, truffaut, plough, tarot, toe, tallyho, plateau, crow, bo, ro, loh, zoh, yoe, bio, jo, lowe, outgrow, rho, thibault, whoa, tso, tyo, margaux, trow, yo, aux, fro, turbot, ko, moe, loew, perot, owe, low, gloe, noe, know, stow, hoe, forego, beau, bro, rouleau, grow, though, below, co, bowe, munro, gogh, chau, glow, sgro, go, slow, inco, bordeaux, gau, loewe, goh, mo, joe, snow, escoe, papo, forgo, strow, yoh, ho, doh, nau, quo, devaux, cro, rideau, woe, foe, hoh, yau, koh, luo, chateau, peugeot, bestow, noh, vo, mau, oh, cousteau, flo, kowtow, gro, tow, cho, renaud, so-so, goe, glo, floe, chateaux, uno, escrow, roh, stowe;
  2. pernod, renault, arnaud, arnault, although, ago, aglow, miro;
  3. overflow, taekwondo, imo, apropos, ivo, eeo;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for so?

Afrikaans word for So


Albanian words for So

siç, ashtu.

Arabic word for So


Bengali word for So


Chinese word for So


Czech word for So


Danish word for So


Dutch words for So

dat, indien, zodanig, dusdanig, zodat, derhalve, affijn, alzo, in dier voege, zo graag, zulks.

Finnish words for So

niin, noin.

French words for So

ainsi, pois, dus.

German words for So

so, also, auch, da, indem, als, wie, insoweit, derart, insofern.

Greek word for So


Hindi word for So


Hungarian words for So

így, olyan, úgy.

Japanese word for So


Korean word for So

그와 같이.

Latin words for So

adeo, ita.

Malay words for So

supaya, Jadi.

Norwegian word for So


Papiamento words for So

anto, asina.

Polish word for So


Portuguese words for So

isso, assim.

Romanian word for So


Russian word for So


Swedish word for So


Thai word for So


Turkish words for So

yani, Tam.

Ukrainian word for So


Vietnamese words for So

tấn, đến mức.