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Correct spelling: sweet

Common misspellings for sweet:

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What does the abbreviation sweet mean?

SWEET abbreviation definitions:
–  Success With Education Employment And Training
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Sweet \s-weet\

Sweet as a girl's name.
sade, Zeeta, Sadee.

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Rhymes for sweet:

  1. cleat, teet, skeat, skeet, leet, neat, piet, meet, heat, feat, sleet, mete, suite, peet, eat, street, treat, pleat, beat, grete, greet, pete, tweet, neet, teat, crete, meat, cheat, seat, veit, peat, peete, wheat, beet, feet, bleat, st, fleet, sheet;
  2. concrete, secrete, replete, unseat, effete, excrete, deplete, offbeat, discreet, mistreat, repeat, downbeat, retreat, petite, delete, discrete, conceit, complete, elite, receipt, compete, gamete, deceit, bridgette, defeat, amit;
  3. indiscreet, uncomplete, marquerite, marguerite, noncompete, incomplete;