How To Spell sweet?

Correct spelling: sweet

What is the definition of sweet?

  1. To sweeten.

What does the abbreviation sweet mean?


Sweet as a girl's name.
  • sade,
  • Zeeta,
  • Sadee.

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What are the rhymes for sweet?

  1. cleat, teet, skeat, skeet, leet, neat, piet, meet, heat, feat, sleet, mete, suite, peet, eat, street, treat, pleat, beat, grete, greet, pete, tweet, neet, teat, crete, meat, cheat, seat, veit, peat, peete, wheat, beet, feet, bleat, st, fleet, sheet;
  2. concrete, secrete, replete, unseat, effete, excrete, deplete, offbeat, discreet, mistreat, repeat, downbeat, retreat, petite, delete, discrete, conceit, complete, elite, receipt, compete, gamete, deceit, bridgette, defeat, amit;
  3. indiscreet, uncomplete, marquerite, marguerite, noncompete, incomplete;

What are the translations for sweet?

Afrikaans word for Sweet


Arabic word for Sweet


Chinese words for Sweet

甜, 甘, 甜蜜, 甜的, 甜美, 甘甜, 甜味, 甜食, 香甜, 嫣然, 娇滴滴.

Dutch words for Sweet

zoet, lief, aardig, zacht.

French words for Sweet

tendre, doux, moelleux, gentil, mignon, adorable, sucré, cordial, bons.

German words for Sweet

super, lieb, lieblich, hold, Bonbon, niedlich, herzig, Dessert, Nachtisch, wonnig, goldig, possierlich, Süße, Nachspeise, süßlich, Zuckerl, Gutsel.

Greek word for Sweet


Italian words for Sweet

dolce, caramella.

Japanese words for Sweet

スイート, スウィート, 芳しい, スィート, かんばしい, たがね, 飴, 砂糖菓子, さとうがし, 馨しい.

Malay word for Sweet


Portuguese words for Sweet

fofo, doce, carinhosa, meigo, açucarado, adocicado, adocicadas, rebuçado.

Russian words for Sweet

сладкий, прелестный, сладость, конфета, сладостный, миловидный, сладкий вкус.

Spanish words for Sweet

suave, afable, amable, agradable, alegre, dulce, postre, golosina, caramelo, dulzón, querida.

Ukrainian word for Sweet