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Correct spelling: tiller


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This graph shows how "tiller" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for tiller:

  1. In a week he could box the compass, knew the names of all the sails and most of the ropes of his craft, and had a slight notion of steering, though I'll wager he never touched a tiller in his life before.
  2. She sat motionless, gray eyes remote, one little, wind- roughened hand on the tiller.
  3. He was seated in the stern- sheets, with a tiller- rope in each hand; and steering the craft- as his elbows held a- kimbo, and the occasional motion of his arms testified.

Rhymes for tiller:

  1. biller, chiller, driller, filler, giller, hiller, millar, miller, pillar, piller, schiller, siller, spiller, stiller, thriller, willer.
  2. distiller.

Idioms for tiller:

  1. a firm/ steady hand on the tiller
  2. a firm hand on the tiller
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