How To Spell underneath?

Correct spelling: underneath

What is the definition of underneath?

  1. on he lower or downward side; "a chest of drawers all scratched underneath"

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What are the rhymes for underneath?

  1. leith, sheath, heath, teeth, keith, meath, wreath;
  2. beneath, bequeath;

What are the translations for underneath?

Bengali word for Underneath


Dutch words for Underneath

onder, beneden, verhuld onder.

French words for Underneath

dessous, sous.

German words for Underneath

unten, unterhalb, darunter, Unterseite, unterwärts, drunter, untendrunter.

Greek word for Underneath

από κάτω.

Italian words for Underneath

sub, sotto.

Korean word for Underneath


Norwegian words for Underneath

under, på undersiden.

Portuguese words for Underneath

abaixo, sob.

Spanish words for Underneath

debajo, inferior, bajo, por abajo, por la parte inferior, en la parte de abajo.