How To Spell visible?

Correct spelling: visible

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What is the definition of visible?

  1. obvious to the eye; "a visible change of expression"

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What are the usage examples for visible?

  1. It is winter made visible – Hodge and His Masters by Richard Jefferies

What are the rhymes for visible?

  1. divisible, invisible;
  2. indivisible;

What are the translations for visible?

Afrikaans word for Visible


Arabic word for Visible


Bengali word for Visible


Chinese words for Visible

明显, 有形, 显性, 看得见, 可见的.

Dutch words for Visible

zichtbaar, waarneembaar.

French words for Visible

notable, manifeste, visible, concret, apparent, tangible, perceptible, observable, visibles, perceptibles, évidente, évidents.

German words for Visible

offensichtlich, erkennbar, sichtbar, sichtlich, einsehbar, visibel, sichtlich wahrnehmbar, Prominente.

Greek word for Visible


Hindi word for Visible


Italian word for Visible


Javanese word for Visible


Polish words for Visible

widoczny, widzialny, zauważalny.

Romanian word for Visible


Russian words for Visible

видимый, зримый.

Spanish words for Visible

destacado, manifiesto, aparente, apreciable, evidentes.

Swedish word for Visible


Tamil word for Visible


Turkish word for Visible

gözle görülür.

Ukrainian word for Visible