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Correct spelling: within

Definition of within:

  1. In the inner part; inwardly; internally; in the mind; in the house.
  2. In the inner part; in the limits or compass of; not beyond; not reaching to anything external; not longer ago than; not later than; in the reach of; not exceeding; in the house; in any enclosure.

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Rhymes for within:

  1. tin, finn, lwin, wynne, wynn, rihn, chin, in, lynn, bin, bryn, gwinn, glynn, gwyn, win, knin, kinn, flinn, linne, min, twin, brinn, been, qin, skin, ginn, pin, kin, thin, lyn, linh, guin, trinh, inn, spin, yin, gwin, winne, grin, gyn, gin, linn, quinn, minh, sin, lin, pinn, dinh, when, glyn, guinn, rinn, gwynn, winn, flynn, din, lynne, rhin, fin, jin, vin, quin, shin, brin, gwynne;
  2. chagrin, aswin, eldwin, therein, alpin, has-been, wherein, herein, begin, emlyn, kaylynn, allin, akin, berlin, adin;
  3. menuhin, violin;