How to Pronounce carnot?

Correct pronunciation for the word "carnot" is [kˈɑːnɒt], [kˈɑːnɒt], [k_ˈɑː_n_ɒ_t].

"Carnot" in context

Carnot was a French scientist who developed a theoretical model of the heat engine in 1824. He was the first to use the two-state principle in his model, which allowed for efficient heat energy conversion. He postulated that heat energy could be converted into work through the reversibility of thermodynamics, enabling more efficient use of energy. Carnot's model of the heat engine, known as the Carnot cycle, became the basis for modern thermodynamics and the study of energy conservation. He looked at engines and energy in terms of heat, proposing a cycle that could effectively convert heat energy into work.

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